Neuroengineering: Challenging the Next Frontier with Gordon Cheng

You are cordially invited to attend the Inaugural Lecture, Center for Neuroengineering Distinguished Speakers Series ” “Neuroengineering: Challenging the Next Frontier “ with Gordon Cheng, Ph.D.

Talk abstract: Neuroengineering has spiked new ways of solving challenging problems in an unprecedented manner. The unlikely fusion of brain science and engineering has resulted in creating a new generation of innovations based on neuroscience findings. Scientists are gaining new insights into how the brain functions based on advanced neuroengineering techniques. Most sincerely, this intersection is also making societal contributions, to better the livelihood of people’s quality of life, such as enabling someone to regain motor functions. In this talk, Dr. Cheng will present recent works, demonstrating the impacts that neuroengineering has made already. He will end by painting a positive future of what may lie ahead.

Speaker: Gordon Cheng is Chair Professor and Director of the Institute for Cognitive Systems and the coordinator of the Center of Competence NeuroEngineering, Technical University of Munich, Germany. He has made pioneering contributions in humanoid robotics, neuroengineering, and artificial intelligence over the past 20 years.

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We look forward to seeing you. Please stay for light refreshments after the talk in the President’s Room.