Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize how we restore brain function for the benefit of patients suffering from neurological disorders and brain injuries.

A Synergistic Center

Understanding the human brain so that we may restore impaired cognitive and sensorimotor abilities is the greatest scientific, engineering, and social challenge of our time. No single institution can effectively tackle this enormous challenge.

That’s why the Center for Neuroengineering (CNE) has established a first-of-its-kind alliance of global leaders from four institutions – Georgetown University, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Technical University of Munich, and MedStar Health.

Our Expertise

Georgetown University
A top 25 university with expertise in cognitive neuroscience, and a leader in bioethics

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Best-in-class high performance computing and precision engineering

MedStar Health
The largest clinical system in the mid-Atlantic area with 6,000 patients with Parkinson’s, 4,000 patients with multiple sclerosis, and 3,000 patients with Alzheimer’s;

Technical University of Munich
An international leader in robotics, biomechanics, and human-centered neurotechnology.

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A History of Transformative Collaboration

10+ years of collaboration with Livermore in bio-compatible electronics, tissueengineering, and computational neuroscience.

20+ years of collaboration with Munich in medical neurotechnology, neuro-imaging, neuro-robotics and prosthetics, cross-modal plasticity and aging. 20+ years of research, clinical and educational partnership with MedStar.

We can achieve more together.

That’s why we are an alliance of innovators, creative thinkers, and boundary-breakers. If you’re interested in collaborating to advance discoveries of the brain, please reach out.

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