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Our Partners

We believe there is no one single institution capable of tackling the greatest scientific, engineering, and social challenge of our time — understanding the human brain. That’s why we formed an alliance of best-in-class experts. Together, we are working to restore impaired cognitive and sensorimotor abilities as a result of neurological disorders or aging.

Georgetown University Medical Center

A top 25 university with expertise in cognitive neuroscience, Georgetown has long been a leader in the field of bioethics. The Medical Center is an internationally recognized academic health and science center with a four-part mission of research, teaching, service and patient care (provided through a partnership with MedStar Health).

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

An applied-science national security organization, Lawrence Livermore brings to the alliance best-in-class high performance computing and precision engineering.

MedStar Health

Georgetown University Medical Center’s clinical partner of more than two decades, MedStar Health is the largest clinical system in the mid-Atlantic area with access to a substantial patient population, including over 4,000 stroke cases and 5,000 Parkinson’s patients a year.

Technical University of Munich

A leading university in the European Union located in Munich, Germany, TUM is among the world leaders in robotics and neurotechnology. TUM is considered one of the top universities in the EU in fields such as physics, electrical engineering and chemistry.

Our Mission

Revolutionize how we restore brain function for the benefit of patients suffering from neurological disorders and brain injuries.

Latest updates from the CNE

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Our Research

The Center for Neuroengineering fosters a collaborative environment for brain research. Our alliance of global leaders are focused on four foundational areas of discovery.

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Advance our understanding of the brain

We aim to identify which brain regions and networks mediate different cognitive and sensorimotor functions.

Accelerate the recovery of brain function

We utilize intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms to improve methods of functional rehabilitation.

Explore urgent ethical issues

We explore ethical questions to ensure the dignity and wellbeing of patients and their loved ones.

Develop the next generation of talent

We offer student exchanges, joint summer programs, and transnational seminar series.

We are tackling neuroengineering’s most pressing scientific questions.

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How can the brain substitute input from one sense to compensate for the loss of another (e.g., “seeing” through sound)?

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