Together, we harness technology and generate new knowledge to restore brain function impaired by degeneration and injury.

A novel approach to neuroengineering

Understanding the brain and restoring cognitive function is one of the greatest scientific challenges of our time. The emergent field of neuroengineering offers promising solutions. To accelerate and catalyze societal impact requires substantial leading-edge and diverse capacities—basic and translational research, clinical access, massive computing, precision engineering, and biomechanics. While a single institution could aim to build each of these capacities, the Center for Neuroengineering (CNE) is taking a different approach: bringing the world’s leading experts across disciplines into an alliance that can do more than any single institution could accomplish on its own. Together, our four partners offer a unique, interdisciplinary approach that is technological, biological, cognitive and clinical.

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Our Focus Areas

  1. Advance our understanding of the brain
  2. Accelerate the recovery of brain function through:
    • Intrinsic mechanisms
    • Extrinsic mechanisms
  3. Explore urgent ethical issues
  4. Develop the next generation of talent

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Our scholars have made significant scientific, technological, and medical breakthroughs across the last decade. And we’ve only just begun.

Josef Rauschecker Receives a Finland Distinguished Professorship

Josef Rauschecker Receives the Distinguished Humboldt Award

Max Riesenhuber Named One of Technology Review’s Top Scientists 


If you’re interested in collaborating to advance discoveries of the brain through research and technological breakthroughs, we want to hear from you.

Spiros Dimolitsas, PhD
Senior Vice President for Research

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